EU VAT Information

Due to European Union Law as of 1st January 2015, for customers within the EU, VAT is applicable to electronically supplied services (including eBooks) at a rate according to the location of the customer. If you are not within the EU you will not be charged VAT. Rather than do the accounting of VAT for the 28 different member states of the EU myself, I use a company named FastSpring, who facilitate the selling of and dealing with VAT for my PDF format eBooks.

With regards to the pricing shown for each eBook, rather than list 29 different prices for each one (28 VAT inclusive prices for the 28 member states of the EU and 1 VAT free price for everywhere else) I have listed one price in GBP £ without VAT, which is the recommended retail price (RRP). Upon purchase of a PDF eBook, FastSpring will price it in your local currency and if you are purchasing from within the EU, add VAT at your local rate.

For purchasing in ePub format, these are available through online retailers which have been linked to, as I am not able to facilitate the sales of ePub directly on my own website.

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