Strumming the Guitar - Book 2

Strumming the Guitar

- Book 2

A 116 page detailed course for intermediate level and upward. This book goes beyond the basics, covering power chords, 3/4 time, barre chords, swing feel, early chord changes, using a capo to change key or to avoid barre chords, muted strums and 16th note strumming in 4/4 time and 6/8 time.

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Advice on technique such as how to fret and strum power & barre chords, muted strumming and more. With purpose made diagrams and professionally drawn illustrations.
Strumming Patterns
158 different guitar strumming patterns all written with easy to understand, graphical, diagrams. Consisting of 70 patterns in 4/4 time, 22 patterns in 3/4 time, 20 muted strumming patterns, 24 sixteenth note patterns in 6/8 time and 22 sixteenth note patterns in 4/4 time.
Chord Changes
Over 100 chords are used to facilitate what the book teaches about strumming, divided into fourteen groups of chord changes. From simpler chords such as A major to more advanced ones such as A7sus2/G and lots more in-between.

Strumming Exercises

Every section includes strumming exercises that combine chord changes with strumming. The book has 70+ strumming exercises, while more combinations can be found by selecting from the 158 given strumming patterns to use with them.

Musical Pieces

Each section concludes with a musical study piece using the skills learnt in styles of Grunge, UK Modern Alternative, Jig, Waltz, Pop, Swing Jazz, Blues, Pop Ballad and Power Ballad.

Audio & Video

All exercises and musical pieces are demonstrated with audio. All study pieces include a backing track for you to play over and online videos are used to enhance explanations.

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