Strumming the Guitar

- Book 1

Strumming the Guitar - Book 1

A 92 page, detailed course for beginners and upward. With separate sections on strumming, changing chords and coordinating chord changes while strumming, a thorough approach is maintained throughout with components broken down at every level.

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From the ground up for the beginner and assisted with professional hand drawn illustrations, learn how to hold the plectrum for strumming, how to strum down and up, how to avoid certain strings while strumming, the basics of rhythm and more. 

Strumming Patterns
70 different guitar strumming patterns to be used throughout the book, all written with easy to understand, graphical, strumming diagrams. There are also 85 strumming exercises that combine chord changes with strumming.
Chord Changes

Almost entirely open chords, starting with the easiest chord changes in which fretting finger locations can be shared, advancing to more difficult chord changes where fretting fingers need to relocate in independent directions.

Rhythmical Notation

Understand the common language of music by becoming familiar with rhythmical notation. Learn whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes and their equivalent rests, dotted notes, ties and the basics of time signatures. All shown with clear charts and diagrams.

Musical Pieces

Each section concludes with a musical study piece using the skills learnt in styles of Slow Pop, Spanish style, Grunge and Country Pop.

Audio & Video

All exercises and musical pieces are demonstrated with audio. All study pieces include a backing track for you to play over and online videos are used to enhance explanations.

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