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Guitar method book image Learn to Play Guitar 130 pages with over 180 photographic examples, diagrams and illustrations; a Guitar method book designed to be comprehensive and understandable, including downloadable audio tracks. The eBook version is at a low introductory price! Click on contents pages to enlarge >> Musical Pieces To get you straight into playing music, numbers have been added underneath pieces to indicate rhythm (tablature on its own doesn’t indicate this). Later, the rhythmical aspect of notation is covered so you can use it with tablature. Chords Open chords; major chords and minor chords (open chords have non-fretted strings within them). An explanation of chord construction. Barre chords and Power chords are also covered. Rhythm Guitar Changing chords and Strum patterns are presented separately at first so you can focus on each individually. They are then brought together from basic to more advanced until there’s a rhythm guitar piece to play. Theory Music theory basics explained in terms of the fretboard and reinforced by musical pieces in various styles making the learning process of this guitar method book practical and enjoyable. Audio 42 downloadable audio mp3 tracks in various styles with a demo and backing track for each. Listen to samples on player >> Stretching Stretching exercises with illustrations are included to relieve tension and help avoid pains and injury. How to practice is also explained as well as stringing a guitar. Learn Guitar - Sample Pages    click to enlarge >>        Restringing a Guitar
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Techniques Explaining basic techniques that can be taken for granted by more experienced players. Palm muting and some basic lead guitar techniques are also covered including hammer ons, pull offs, sliding and string bending. Basics How to hold a guitar correctly and how to tune it. Tablature is explained clearly and the typical beginners problem of reading it the correct way around is addressed. Rock guitar song Fretboard layout Learn to play guitar introduction Learn to Play Guitar contents pages WebDesign Sketchprinting : guitar tablature diagram Using a plectrum Holding a plectrum Guitar method book image 2 Fretboard diagram Guitar method book image 3 Barre chords Guitar tablature Rhythm guitar Stretching for Guitarist Updates: Gareth Evans Also available at most other retailers worldwide. Free delivery worldwide, paypal accepted.
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