Guitar for Kids

36 colour pages with over 70 cartoons, photographic examples, diagrams and illustrations. Guitar for Kids is a clear and fun guide to learn to play Guitar. The book can also be used by guitar teachers for 1-1 or group guitar tuition. Includes downloadable audio tracks.

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All musical pieces and exercises have Demo and backing tracks to play over. 47 downloadable mp3 audio tracks in various styles. Listen to samples on player >>

How to hold a guitar correctly & how to tune it. Advice on buying your first guitar. Tablature explained clearly. Beats, Measures and basic playing directions. All illustrated with diagrams and photographic examples.


Basic techniques explained in a clear and fun way. Holding a pick, alternate picking, fretting hand technique and strummed guitar.


Simple pieces written in tablature starting with melodies that use only open strings (open string means the fretting hand is not used). Toward the end Blues and Rock duets to play with a friend. As tablature on its own doesn’t indicate rhythm, numbers are added underneath the pieces to indicate rhythm.

Easy Chords

Easy chords (or “EZ” chords) are chords with less notes. Full versions are also shown for later on when a bit older or fingers are stronger. Includes an introduction to Power chord playing with some Rock pieces to practise.

Sight Reading

Sight-reading is popular in many guitar for kids books but this one does it differently; it’s not until the end! Before that however, reading rhythm notation is covered within the easy chords section, so that by the time you get to sight-reading the only unfamiliar aspect is reading different notes.

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