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Guitar book image Learn to Play Guitar A comprehensive guide. eBook at the introductory price of only £1.49 RRP Print £10.99 RRP eBook £1.49 RRP   For the Bassist looking to progress their skills and knowledge. Print £10.99 RRP eBook £5.99 RRP A guitar book for Kids on the first steps in learning to play. Print £8.99 RRP eBook £4.99 RRP Strumuscript Manuscript for strummed guitar. Write down your strumming patterns. Print £4.99 RRP  Books to learn Guitar, Bass and a book for Kids to learn guitar. Available  in Print or eBook format (PDF) with contents linked to all pages which are all linked back to  contents.  Intuition Guitar books are available in most countries and currencies.  Graphically detailed to make the tutorials as clear as possible. Fretboard diagrams,  tablatures, purpose made diagrams of various types, photographic examples and professional  hand drawn illustrations are used.  Intuition Guitar books are comprehensive, walking you  through several key subjects structured at an equal rate of progress with subjects related to  each other where appropriate to give you a well rounded insight. Musical pieces are used throughout to make the learning process practical and enjoyable and  guitar scales are given a musical context. Other areas explored include playing techniques,  fretboard layout, chords and their construction, how to strum, rhythm reading, theory, lead  playing, power and  barred chords and plenty more within all books.  Audio included as downloadable mp3 with a demo and backing track for each musical piece in  various genres such as Rock, Blues, Pop, Jazz, Country, Metal, Cajun, Motown, Classical, Bossa  Nova and Funk.  To find out more about Intuition Guitar books and Guitar eBooks please explore the site!
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Guitar for Kids Back Cover Learn to Play Guitar back cover Strumuscript Front Cover A compact 32 page guide that can be used as part of a healthy practise regime. Print £3.99 RRP eBook £1.99 RRP   Over 200 movable shapes based on the CAGED sytem for over 60 types of chord. Print £5.99 RRP eBook £2.99 RRP   Chords for Guitar Stretching Exercises
» Guitar Method Book » Beginner Chords » Chords for Guitar » Guitar for Kids » Guitar Scales Book » Strumming Manuscript » Guitar Stretching » How to Play Bass » Guitar Tips » Home Guitar Chords for Beginners Chords arranged in easy fingerings for beginners. Open chords and more. Print £3.99 RRP eBook £1.99 RRP   3 Shape Fretboard Scales and arpeggios as variants of 3 shapes of the fundamental major scale. Print £10.99 RRP eBook £5.99 RRP   Sketchprinting WebDesign : Updates: Gareth Evans  © Intuition Publications 2012 - present